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Pathaan (Movie Review)

Pathaan is a devout patriot and a kind-hearted man. But when he is brought back on duty, he finds himself facing a rogue agent, Jim (John Abraham), who feels betrayed by his country after it refused to pay ransom for his pregnant wife.

Their mission is to recover a secret formula called the rakt beej from Moscow. Their journey takes them across the globe, and they lock eyes and horns in a dangerous game of betrayal and revenge.

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What is the story of Pathaan?

Pathaan is an Indian spy who fights back against a terrorist threat. He is a member of the RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) agency. He is a highly trained agent and he is considered as one of the most powerful people in the country. He is also known for his great sense of humour and his love for his family.

He is an expert in his field and he is a loyal friend to the people of Delhi. He tries to save the city from terrorists who plan to use a deadly virus to destroy it. But he must also protect his people and himself from his enemies.

His life is not easy and he has to overcome his own weaknesses. But he is determined to do everything in his power to protect his loved ones. He also wants to become a successful entrepreneur and earn a lot of money.

In order to survive in the world, he must learn everything there is to know about a variety of topics and this is where his education comes in handy. He studies hard and he also attends various seminars. His education has helped him to become a skilled and successful agent in the RAW.

The story of Pathaan begins with his encounter with a terrorist named Jim (John Abraham). In the beginning, Jim was a very good agent in the RAW but now he is gone rogue and has decided to do evil things.

Eventually, he meets Rubina (Deepika Padukone) who is a beautiful and smart ISI agent. She deactivates the missile but she also finds out that Jim has the detonator which will be used to blow up the entire city of Delhi. When Pathaan finds out that Jim has stolen the detonator he steals it himself and takes care of the situation by killing him.

This is the first time that Shah Rukh Khan is playing an action hero and he did a superb job at portraying him in this film. His performance has won him fans all over the world. His face-off with John is very exciting and he even makes some great one-liners that have become viral on social media.


Shah Rukh Khan has teamed up with Siddharth Anand to present the sex-packed action thriller Pathaan. The film also features Hrithik Roshan, Ashutosh Rana and Deepika Padukone in the supporting cast.

The plot of the movie follows a Pakistani colonel who is angered by India scrapping Article 370 which gives autonomy to Kashmir. For revenge, he plans to launch a bio war on India. For this, he contacts Jim (John Abraham) – a mercenary who is also an ex-RAW agent who was wronged by his country.

When they meet, Jim convinces Pathaan to join his outfit – Outfit X. But even after his lucrative offer, Pathaan refuses to leave. He believes that patriotism is a ploy by the people in power to deceive soldiers like him into believing that risking their lives for the nation is the noblest of causes.

But then, one day, he meets Rubina Mohsin – a Pakistani doctor working in Spain who is also after Raktbeej. She has been tracking Jim’s movements since he met her, and she is determined to help him get the object of his desire.

She tells him that the bombs that were delivered to Dubai had been paid for by Pakistan’s ISI and are intended to destroy an Indian city. She also reveals to Pathaan that the codeword dubbed “Raktbeej” has been created by Jim’s team and is used as a key component in the mutated virus that will attack India.

After a long and difficult battle, Jim loses one of the orbs containing Raktbeej, but he is able to escape. But then, Rubina betrays him and takes the device away from him.

This movie is a perfect comeback for SRK after a long time and is definitely worth watching if you liked his previous movies War, Tiger Zinda Hai and Ek Tha Tiger. It’s an ambitious action thriller that plays to the crowd and delivers on its promise. here are other details in pathan viki.


After a long hiatus, superstar Shah Rukh Khan has come back to the cinema with an ‘earth-shattering’ performance in his latest flick Pathaan. The film raked in huge money at the box office and is now set to break records in Bollywood.

SRK’s acting in the movie was impeccable, especially in his role as an ex-RAW agent. His chiseled body and charming appearance along with some quirky one-liners made him the perfect hero in this thriller.

His chemistry with Deepika Padukone is equally stunning as they work hard to make this action movie a successful venture. Their glam-delight in bikinis is sure to take your breath away.

There are also several action scenes in the film that will leave you shook up. The fight between SRK’s Pathaan and John Abraham’s Jim is intense.

Dimple Kapadia and Ashutosh Rana also have some impressive moments in the film. Their dialogues are a treat to watch and the BGM is just incredible!

A very ‘organic’ cameo by Salman Khan is another highlight of the movie. The actors join hands in a terrific action sequence towards the second half of the movie.

With some genuinely thrilling action scenes, Pathaan is a must-watch for SRK fans and film enthusiasts alike. It’s also a must-watch for all the other people who love spy movies like War, Tiger Zinda Hai and Ek Tha Tiger.

Despite controversies and boycott calls, Pathaan is still showing great signs in the Indian market as its box office collections continue to grow. The film’s success is a relief for the industry and it has broken the myth that lower ticket prices are required to promote films.

It’s a fun and entertaining movie, but if you have any political or religious narratives in mind, then it might not be the best choice for you. Nevertheless, the movie is a must-watch for all those who have been waiting for this star to come out with a movie after so many years!


Director Siddharth Anand’s Pathaan has a lot of action elements that should make for a high-voltage thriller. From helicopter-assisted heist sequences to slow-motion entries, it is full of spectacle-heavy moments that are reminiscent of James Bond or Mission: Impossible movies (critics have noted that the virus-heavy plot is similar).

The film also features an extended cameo from Salman Khan as Tiger from the YRF franchise. This is one of the highlights of the movie and the action scene between Pathaan and Tiger on a train is a pure treat to watch the two superstars in their element together.

Despite all this, the story suffers because of the fact that it is trying to do too many things at once. It goes back and forth a lot, which confuses the audience.

On top of that, the story’s attempt at an emotional appeal falls flat as well. The characters are stereotypical and the director fails to put in a lot of weight in their emotional scenes.

Overall, though, Pathaan is a true-blue commercial masala entertainer that should appeal to the majority of the audience. It is not the kind of movie that will give you much to think about but it is sure to leave you with a smile and grooving at the end.

The story follows a former army man named Pathaan who joins a spy agency and gets paired with Jim, a rogue agent and leader of Outfit X, a terror organization that commits atrocities for a living. The two spies are on a mission to stop Jim from unleashing the deadly Raktjeeb virus, which resembles the COVID virus in James Bond’s Skyfall (2012).

Pathaan Song & Music

The music in Pathaan is composed by the renowned musical duo Vishal Dadlani and Sheykhar Ravjiani. They have previously worked with Siddharth Anand on films such as Om Shanti Om, Chennai Express and Happy New Year. They have now collaborated again on this film.

As per Sheykhar, “Siddharth Anand and I have always been on a good working relationship. And that’s why it was an honour to work on this.”

The musical duo also expressed their excitement for the opportunity of composing for this film, saying, “This is a big and a very special one for us as well as for the entire team. We are proud of it.”

Earlier in the movie, Pathaan (Shah Rukh Khan) and Jim (John Abraham) had a brief encounter with Russian soldiers who wanted to kill them. They were saved by Tiger (Salman Khan), who fought alongside them and thudded down their checkered mufflers, thus saving the day.

It was then that they started talking about who would take their place. They said that despite all the years of doing this, they could not think of anyone who could replace them.

As they sat on the railway tracks, they thought about who might have replaced them. They decided that neither in the spy universe or the real world, any of the younger generation could fill their shoes.

This is a fun, action-packed thriller that is definitely worth a watch. It will appeal to a large audience who love Bollywood masala. However, it will probably be a disappointment for those who are looking for something more nuanced.

Common Movie Questions

How did Pathaan get his name?

The name Pathaan came from an Afghan woman who saved him in the film. The actor is a household name in India, and has starred in countless films that have earned him millions of fans worldwide. He is also known for his charm, humor and love of music, which make him a cultural export to countries around the world.

After a four-year hiatus, Shah Rukh Khan is back in a big way with Pathaan. The espionage thriller stars SRK, Deepika Padukone and John Abraham in pivotal roles. The film is produced by Yash Raj Films and directed by Siddharth Anand.

On the eve of its release, the film is receiving tremendous response from Indian and international audiences. It has already broken several records and is eyeing unprecedented collections.

One of the biggest openers ever for YRF, Pathaan is now the highest-grossing non-holiday release in the country. It has already crossed Rs 100 crore in its opening weekend and is expected to break the record for fastest Hindi film to cross the mark of Rs 300 crore globally, according to trade analyst Taran Adarsh.

In a flashback, Pathaan (Shah Rukh Khan) learns that Sahani (John Abraham), a scientist, was kidnapped to mutate a smallpox virus into something more lethal. The mutated virus was code-named “Rakt Beej” on the darknet. Jim and his team had the intel that Outfit X was planning to attack the Asian Scientific Conference in Mumbai with this weapon and kill India’s president. To counter that, the agency changed the routes of the convoy to divert the scientists from danger.

As Pathaan is on the run, he travels to Spain where he learns that Rubina Mohsin, an ex-ISI agent, was involved in the plot. She is captured by Jim’s men, but she is rescued by Pathaan.

Afterwards, they travel to Moscow where they steal the Rakt Beej before Jim does. This is an almost impossible task.

The movie has been a lightning rod for controversy and it seems to have caught a lot of Hindu right-wing groups by storm. It is a reflection of growing religious intolerance in India, according to author and film critic Saibal Chatterjee. He points out that until a few years ago, Bollywood was seen as a place where people did not judge based on their religion or political beliefs. But now, it is a more polarised industry.

How did Pathaan kill Jim?

When Pathaan goes rogue, his aim is to avenge his country for letting his wife and unborn child die at the hands of terrorists. This is why he vowed to kill Jim, even if it meant putting his own life at risk.

After the incident, Jim grew vengeful and started Outfit X, a corporate terrorist group that works on contracts irrespective of religion, ethnicity or other biases. He also planned to launch the mutated smallpox virus into Indian airspace, a move that would kill and maim millions of people.

The film opens with a flashback of Pathaan’s first meeting with Jim, when they got intel about a terrorist attack on the President of India. They went to Dubai to stop the attacks, but were not successful.

Later, Jim purchases two saber missiles from Pakistan. The Russians are tense about the missiles and have started a global war of words against them over the issue of Kashmir.

At the same time, Nandini informs Pathaan that Rubina Mohsin, an ISI agent, has transferred money from her account to Outfit X. She also tells him that Jim had made the Rakt Beej, a smallpox-designed mutated deadly virus, with the scientist he kidnapped.

When the JOCR gets to know about Rakt Beej, they go after it. They are soon able to recover one orb, but Rubina tricks them into stealing the other.

Eventually, she betrays them and has them arrested in Russia. She then explains that the smallpox was wiped out from India years ago and was about to reappear in a mutated form. She also says that the mutated form of smallpox will be stored in metallic orbs that work with a detonator.

As it turns out, the mutated smallpox is called Rakt Beej and the Russians are hesitant about it. They want Pathaan to meet Rubina in Paris, where she will reveal the truth about Rakt Beej.

She will explain that it’s a code word for a smallpox-designed sabotage, made by the scientist who was kidnapped from Dubai by Outfit X. She will also warn them about the fact that the mutated smallpox can be used to create a terrorist weapon that can target Indian cities.

How did Pathaan save the people of Delhi?

Pathaan saved the people of Delhi from a deadly virus that was mutating and making its way through the country. He killed Jim, diffused the orb and prevented the mutated virus from spreading further. This story of a young man who fought the odds is an inspiration to many of us today.

Despite being on the verge of death, Pathaan was brought back to life by a community that adopted him as their own. He was given the name ‘Pathaan’, which means ‘defiant of death’ in Arabic. He spent the next year in a coma, but eventually regained consciousness and started living a normal life.

He was then contacted by Rubina, who asked him to go with her to Russia to find out what Rakht Beej is. She told him that it was a weapon that could kill more people than a nuclear bomb. Hence, it was important to get hold of it.

She also informed him that she was an agent for JOCR (Jaipur Organisation of Counter Terrorism), which is part of Outfit X, a global terrorist network that aims to cause havoc in the world. She told him that the terrorists were planning to use a smuggled sample of Rakht Beej at the Asian Scientific Conference in Delhi, which was a huge event for the country.

The espionage thriller has been a blockbuster at the box office, breaking all records. Yash Raj Films and Shah Rukh Khan are banking on the film’s popularity to make it their biggest success of all time.

In the meantime, a controversy over the film’s promotion and the color of Deepika Padukone’s bikini has led to protests across the country and in several states. The outrage has been driven by Hindus who are increasingly political and culturally conscious.

They are aware that Bollywood is an unholy nexus with the Left, and it has often been known to promote anti-Hindu policies and beliefs. This explains why Hindus have become increasingly distrustful of movies made by Bollywood.

As a result, they have been putting up a lot of protests against the movie, and it has prompted them to boycott cinemas, disrupt shows and even send death threats to the actors. While some may say that the protests are misguided, they need to be seen in the larger context of the nexus between Bollywood and the Indian Left. This nexus has been shown to be a symbiotic relationship that aims to whitewash harsh realities, undermine cultural mores and distort India’s millennia-old civilisational heritage for a larger purpose of propagating the myth of a rising Islamophobia in India.

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A 9/10

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